Eternity's End

Finished The Eternity's End By Jeffrey A. Carver.. I wasn't impressed to start with, but man it ended up pretty good. Turns out its the…

Published on 2006/02/13 23:01:04

gforge woes and praise

Apparently setting up a gforge setup with true chroot shells and such is alot harder than it looks. I've been quite happy with the patches…

Published on 2006/02/12 23:06:10


yay! gtalk and jabber now talk to eachother

Published on 2006/01/17 22:26:16

Apache DSO

Man, been working on trying to setup my webserver cleaner, more importantly get php setup better.. Attempted to do that yesterday, man that…

Published on 2005/12/11 23:17:34

Scott Adams is a genius

Scott Adams is an absolute genius . I love his debating opt-outs for stupid people. My favorite being: Omit key words. For example, if…

Published on 2005/11/22 08:41:53

More jabber ideas

HRM... i could setup jabber so it would work for any of my mail domains. set it up so on those domains, people can only login using thier…

Published on 2005/10/23 22:13:34

Testing posting from flock

New buzz browser just came out. Flock Built ontop of firefox/mozilla, but designed to be more a social browser, tagging, blogging, etc. It…

Published on 2005/10/21 14:33:35

R.I.P. Okrut

R.I.P OKRUT . Lives long afterall . I had a typo in the url :( silly google, apparently its a very common mistake. as far as i can tell…

Published on 2005/10/10 10:58:43

New MTLJPost Version

New Version of MTLJPost 1.9.2 Apparently there is confusion all over, so here's an email from the mailing list: Okay, i thought i got all…

Published on 2005/10/02 23:42:47

Oblivion Video

Whoaaa The latest elders scroll (.. not quite sequel to morrowind) - Oblivion Video Its a must see for any RPG fan. even if you are not…

Published on 2005/10/02 00:55:16