Possible Upgrade

After a couple of emails about MTLJPost and working with MT for HiSciFi , I think I might go back to using MT. That way I can work on…

Published on 2005/07/25 02:37:32

FEAR Closed MP Beta

https://pics.halkeye.net/gallery/000dwd3x is my pictures from the F.E.A.R beta demo thingie. I don't even thing it warrents a review, so…

Published on 2005/06/19 22:06:08

Does music have a soul?

Watching some anime with the group , and just now watching a movie or two, I realize, even if the scene doesn't have sad stuff (or happy…

Published on 2005/06/10 17:59:10

I'm not sadisitic, just robbed

Man, yet another screech without a crash. Someone once said, when you hear a screech, you wait for that CRASH, when you don't hear it, you…

Published on 2005/06/08 19:50:03

Still Around

I have to appologize for abandoning the site. The job hunt ended up taking too long, so I had to take a position at dads place. It drains…

Published on 2005/05/28 16:17:49

Featuring website

I can never remember what version of website it is, doesn't actually matter, just that I now am using kodepost, which is my new web site…

Published on 2005/05/06 16:06:58

Okay back sorta.

Been sorta, AWOL since the last batch of job hunting. Its kinda hard to get really into job hunting when you hear nothing back, and I was…

Published on 2005/04/26 15:41:01

Playing with my new camera

Just recieved a second hand nikon camera this week. Man I'm having so much fun with it. Just learned how to take night shots.

Published on 2005/04/12 03:53:44

Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade

Okay, I've been sitting staring at this window for a bit now, Unable to quite get my thoughts on this game typed out properly. That is…

Published on 2005/04/02 22:44:21


So been spending the last few days trying to upgrade my software to support typekey. Today it dawned on me I had no idea how it ACTUALLY…

Published on 2005/03/30 18:04:04