Stargate SG-1

Have been finishing off watching my Stargate SG-1 Season 7 dvds. I can't figure out why they replaced Dr Wei with a new actress . I…

Published on 2005/02/11 12:17:34

Dovecot and Squirrelmail

Man, dovecot is more my favorite email imap server software. I just installed squirrelmail from scratch, and man, its so fast. with my old…

Published on 2005/02/09 12:07:25

Site Updates

Apparently during the move to ev1servers , alot of things broke. I've fixed user registration, eventually i need to add trackback and…

Published on 2005/02/09 00:54:40

Man its been a while.

Okay, my Last 2-3 posts here looked like they had something to do with work. Well in just under 2.5 weeks now, I will be back to being…

Published on 2005/02/09 00:40:45

Merry Christmas

Published on 2005/01/02 15:52:06


Not so much as dead, as more like, busy. I really have to get back to working on this site one of these days, as well as working on the…

Published on 2004/12/16 01:35:01

I still live.

Working hard at River Styx Internet . Have some stuff I'll hopefully post about this weekend. Including some new firefox stuff I've found…

Published on 2004/09/03 11:23:50

Firefox Shortcut - domain names

If you are like me, and just like going to common sites quickly. For me, its simply Control + L (goes to location bar) then "perldoc" which…

Published on 2004/07/20 13:24:55

Firefox Shortcuts - CPAN - a must have for any perl programmer

if you goto manage bookmarks, then new bookmark you can set keywords for bookmarks then if you put a %s in, you can do string https…

Published on 2004/07/20 13:19:43


Starting to work on this code again. Slowly working on migrating my entire site over to the new codebase. Part of the reason people probably…

Published on 2004/06/24 22:52:31