Love of the tidy!

I've fallen in love with tidy-proxy . Its a simple little program that sits in front of you and the internet, and checks every incoming…

Published on 2004/06/24 22:30:08

Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to go online

23:26 GreenMarshinz > is c source code the same code structure in linux? header files and include etc. 23:27 halkeye > GreenMarshinz…

Published on 2004/06/16 09:35:04

This is yet another test post


Published on 2004/05/22 17:35:51

May is a fun month

today is no pants day! tommorow is outdoor intercourse day (aka. outdoor sex day)! May sure seems like a perverted month no? but those…

Published on 2004/05/07 09:29:29


...what happened to brittany spears producing music? I mean, I don't think even one of her songs since 'I'm a slave for you' has actually…

Published on 2004/05/05 23:02:08

Stargate Atlantis

It seems that Stargate Atlantis is almost here. Infact the specs on the pilot episode are up and published. I really can not wait…

Published on 2004/05/01 18:07:49

Got Kingdom Hearts

15:47 < halkeye > hahah 15:48 < halkeye > it only took me like 10 tries, but i finally beat riku in the race I so miss this game, I…

Published on 2004/05/01 15:51:38


While I was walking around at lunch yesterday I saw someone with a blogger t-shirt. I so wish at that moment I was walking WITH someone so I…

Published on 2004/05/01 12:21:46


What ever happened to giving people phone numbers? I was walking back from pacific center, and I saw some girl giving a guy her phone…

Published on 2004/04/30 13:58:15

Apparenly i'm widely known?

19:34 < ShadowRage > lowkey: so could activate. 19:34 < ShadowRage > halkeye, huh? 19:34 < ShadowRage > halkeye: I?ve heard of you…

Published on 2004/04/29 19:45:24