Sorry to anyone who has emailed me about MTLJPost (I don't think any of those read this) recently.. its just been one of those weeks at work…

Published on 2004/04/28 20:01:52

The Vancouver Way of Life

22:08 < halkeye > give a man a fish, you feed him for a day 22:08 < halkeye > teach a man to fish, and he'll be angry you didn't…

Published on 2004/04/27 22:10:35

Strange urge

I have an urge to whip condoms at all the cute couples downtown-------------- 22:30 Pootie - tigger happy: why'd you cross out the cute…

Published on 2004/04/25 22:17:59


Anyways, Lionel and I met a guy a few days ago at the bank. He said he worked in the IT field, and would like to go out for coffee some time…

Published on 2004/04/24 14:55:38

IRiver HP-120

I think Chad’s right.. I should get this... Its alot better than the IPod from what I hear, which seems to either die for people, or need…

Published on 2004/04/18 20:07:09


Is it sad I miss work? I got 2 days off And I wish I was at work? Or they had a vpn so I could do stuff? meep

Published on 2004/04/17 17:57:16


Man this kernel is so much of an improvement over 2.4.x I mean, so many things that wern't supported last time I tried running linux on my…

Published on 2004/04/16 21:31:20

Pick Pocketing

I think the next skill I should learn is pick pocketing or japanese... But pick pocketing is more useful.. its almost as good as…

Published on 2004/04/15 15:44:56

This is why perl people rule.

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 09:20:06PM -0700, Gavin Mogan wrote: any way you could add access to defaultpicurl please? Done; in the 0.1…

Published on 2004/04/14 09:04:03

Catch Phrases

Ever wonder how they get started? Or if you are the one who started it? I mean, you never really do, but every once in a while.. it almost…

Published on 2004/04/13 22:45:58