Gay Marrages

Its only a matter of time before some activist group pushes for same person marriages... That gives a whole new meaning to "I now prounce…

Published on 2004/02/29 17:19:33

Sucky story teller, interesting stories

Oh yea... interesting bus stories (short 'cause i'm tired) Got to burrard station.. had a guy like "I am trying to take the last 310 to…

Published on 2004/02/29 01:59:34


Went to the used book store with mom today.. Picked Up: Robots And Empire - Isaac Asimov The Robots of Dawn - Issac Asimov Speaker For…

Published on 2004/02/24 19:58:07

Laser Tag

Laser Tag in the dark is alot of fun those black light things just make it annoying Darkness, so much so you don't know where the walls…

Published on 2004/02/24 00:37:17

Enders Game

Its always so much fun to re-read enders game. So far each time I've done it I've always ended up being in a different mindset. May it be…

Published on 2004/02/22 16:11:24


Why is it called a booby trap? Why not a head trap? Breat trap? ETC? WHY WHY WHY? ARE WOMEN THAT DANGEROUS?

Published on 2004/02/20 21:35:24


I find BCIT's ad a bit ironic. Something like: Go from: "Can I take your order?" to "Can you take my order?" Its kinda funny, because…

Published on 2004/02/18 23:18:03

Deep Space Nine

I can't belive the coisidence.. This episode of Deep Space 9, is almost entirely like Oceans 11 Down to *lines and stuff, so simular…

Published on 2004/02/18 03:02:44

Bugs Bunny

I <3 bugs bunny. I so want to get those dvds.

Published on 2004/02/18 00:17:13

Oceans 11

galimon: i wish julia roberts was not in oceans 11 Eela: why galimon: i hate her Eela: mona lisa's smile galimon: it was a minor…

Published on 2004/02/17 19:57:55