Site Update

Site Update

Published on 2003/06/14 22:46:141 min read

Finished my computers page about 30 minutes ago, been tweaking things, trimming the sidebar a bit.

I'm pretty happy about the way the site has been turning out so far, except for the guestbook (i havn't gotten to it yet) everything is totally table free.

I'm so contemplating removing the cam links, i never have it up publicly anymore anyways, not that i ever have people wanting to watch me sit here doing nearly nothing :) now if i had breasts :P

Gavin Mogan
Burnaby, BC, Canada

I'm a software developer at the awesome Sauce Labs. I do a bunch of other random open source development. I also play games, both board and video games and love to read. You can usually find me on various services as halkeye.



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