DevilMan Lady Review

I have to say, initially I was impressed, Its not really my kind of anime, but it was still good. By the time i got to the second DVD, it was extreamly beh.

The lesbian (yuri) stuff was way overdone. Alot of subtle imagry and stuff, very deep, but DULL.

Devilman lady is about the .. idea of humans being unable to evolve except if they contain the latent 'beast' gene. Which turns them into some sort of super human monster.

Okay, i suck at writing reviews, it just is BLEH. The story lines are overdone. Monster comes in, monster gets defeated, story happeneds, repeat. New girl character comes in, gets hots for jun, the female lead, turns into a beast, gets killed, repeat...

It is the first anime i've regretted seeing, and especially spending $10 to rent... BAH






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Gavin December 1989

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