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1.0.2 Released

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# 1.0.2 - January 30, 2004  

# - Added config file because I got tired of always having to change the file for release  

# # Format: blogid site username password  

# # 3 www.livejournal.com test test  

# # 4 www.deadjournal.com:90 test test  

# - Added handler to check for LJ::Simple and give a message without it  

At this rate I actually might want to find a perm link.

I actually like this new version, the config file setup makes things alot easier to setup for multiple blog situations..

I just now want to see if I can't store extra information on a post, like what the postid and if it was posted and stuff, so any updates will be properly propegated to livejournal too.

That would actually be cool.

Edit: Newer Version

added some extended text.


Kristian: Some sort of BerkleyDB file thrown into the MT's DB directory? You can get the path from MT since you're running as a plugin...

Kristian: Is it me or did oyu add that bit about MT::PluginData after I posted my comment?

Gavin: After wards, I was testing 1.0.3... Editing posts now works.. Now you tell me that isn't better than your old method.




MTLJPost New Version


MTLJPost 1.0.3 Released
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