MTLJPost 1.0.5 Released

MTLJPost 1.0.5 Released

Published on 2004/02/09 23:02:461 min read

This update is a pretty update. I love the new web interface.

# 1.0.5 - Febuary 09, 2004  

# - Started some hooks for MT Plugin Manager  

# - Cleaned up some error messages  

# - Disabled comments  

# - Deletes from livejournal when entry is deleted from MT  

# - Web interface to do configuration /mt-ljpost.cgi

Installation Instructions:

  1. Uncompress. tar file should have the right directories.

  2. Upload files:

mt-ljpost.cgi => mt/ => mt/extlib/MT/Plugins/ (Might need to create directory)

MTLJPost.tmpl => mt/tmpl/cms/ => mt/plugins/

  1. goto the mt-ljpost.cgi and setup your blog

  2. Post

(I suck at instructions.)


I eventually want to make it so you can post certan categories to certain journals.

Ps: mod_perl installation:

<Location /mt/mtljpost>

SetHandler perl-script

PerlHandler MT::Plugins::MTLJPost

PerlSetVar MTConfig /var/www/


Lisa: Hey,

I'm not sure if you're supporting this, but I installed it and I get this error when I test my settings:

Can't locate object method "new" via package "LJ::Simple" at extlib/MT/Plugins/ line 94.

I've uploaded it in ascii to the directory mentioned (extlib/MT/Plugins/) all the cases are correct, as well...

Probably something simple. If you're not updating this not a worry.

Thanks =)

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