OnSlaught Rules!!! I just love that mode.

But unfortunately I've found more and more now that the dumbasses are getting their hands on the demo. I was lucky to find the nvidia download site, which meant i had it in an hour or so, while the UT site I've heard was MUCH worse.

So we get a lot of the jerks now, and the trash talkers, and the racists and all the other losers.

But I think what bugs me the most, are the people who are trying to tell everyone else what to do, but they don't have a clue themselves. They are taking the least strategic points and/or getting angry if someone takes the vehicle that they wanted.

Its sorta ruining a game I've really enjoyed up until now. I am actually finding myself half wanting to start a clan again, Like I had with quake one, and like we tried to do with quake 2 ctf.

I'm so enjoying OnSlaught Mode though, But I'm starting to need more games.




Bah to the celebration of St. Valentines.


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