Oceans 11

galimon: i wish julia roberts was not in oceans 11

Eela: why

galimon: i hate her

Eela: mona lisa's smile

galimon: it was a minor role, but i hate her

galimon: havn't seen it

Weenog: oceans 11 was still pretty good despite her being in it

Weenog: i dont really like her either

My Thoughts Exactly.

I don't know why I don't like Julia Roberts, maybe its her look, the roles she portrays, that face that always makes me think she is crying... Whatever it is, I try to avoid movies she's in unless I hear they are really good.

I was quite shocked when I saw it was her in this one.

One thing about being unemployed, you play more games, and watch more movies.




Episode 16


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