Published on Feb 24, 2004, 7:58 PM1 min read

Went to the used book store with mom today..

Picked Up:

  • Robots And Empire - Isaac Asimov
  • The Robots of Dawn - Issac Asimov
  • Speaker For the Dead - Orson Scott Card
  • Children Of the Mind - Orson Scott Card
  • Xenocide - Orson Scott Card
  • Simpsons Comic

Was also looking for dune and underworld, but she didn't have either at the time.

I can't belive we got $65 in credit for bringing in all those old (crappy) star trek books

man they sucked

Clerk: "Getting rid of all your startrek books eh?"

Me: "yea.. didn't really like them"

Me: "Not really my style"

Me: "I can't stand books where you can totally predict the end" (weird that i reread books then eh.. maybne thats not totally it)

Mom & Clerk: chuckles

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