Catch Phrases

Ever wonder how they get started? Or if you are the one who started it?

I mean, you never really do, but every once in a while.. it almost feels like you do?

I've been saying variations of 'no worries' for a long while now..

'No worries Dude', 'Dudeeee No worries' (during my dude, then the man phase, and before that was just plane 'no worries')

Its creepy, 'cause i'm hearing it more and more now, all over the place... even newspapers...

Maybe its just me.




Apache Modifications


This is why perl people rule.
Gavin December 1989

Gavin Mogan

Hi. I'm Gavin. I'm a coder at Sauce Labs. At home I code, game, hang out, all the cool non robot things to do. #notarobot

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