Got Kingdom Hearts

Got Kingdom Hearts

Published on 2004/05/01 15:51:381 min read

15:47 < halkeye> hahah
15:48 < halkeye> it only took me like 10 tries, but i finally beat riku in the race

I so miss this game, I can't belive I restarted it so many times just to beat riku. I mean, I know that cutscene by heart now.

Sora: If I win..ummmmmm. I'm captain.... And if you win
Riku: I get to share a paupo with Kairi. Agreed?
Sora: Wha? um...

Actually not quite by heart, but i think thats it.
And I finally beat him!!! score now of 2-1, from the previous battles!!!


h20: i never did win tat race. i think i tried 6 or 7 times... i could never get the damn sliding thing to work except once, where i completele OWNED but for some reason it said i never tagged the fscking tree. batfucks. :(

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