Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to go online

Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to go online

Published on 2004/06/16 09:35:041 min read

[23:26] GreenMarshinz> is c source code the same code structure in linux? header files and include etc.
[23:27] halkeye> GreenMarshinz, nope, C doesn't exist in linux, its a windows only thing
[23:27] GreenMarshinz> what about c++?
[23:27] halkeye> GreenMarshinz: linux only has assembly, and even then, you have to code with 1s and 0s
[23:28] Christian> halkeye ;|
[23:28] GreenMarshinz> huh? why is the gcc make and c++ compliers for linux?
[23:28] GreenMarshinz> there sorry.
[23:29] halkeye> GreenMarshinz: people like to pretend that there is, btu really, they don't do anything
[23:30] GreenMarshinz> so i have to write a program in 1's and 0's?
[23:30] halkeye> oh yea, and if you do it in the wrong order, your computer will self destruct
[23:31] GreenMarshinz> fuck it, i will write my programs in windows.
[23:31] halkeye> ...
[23:31] GreenMarshinz> cheers though.
[23:31] GreenMarshinz> later.
[23:31] halkeye> ...
[23:32] Christian> GreenMarshinz "man vi"
[23:32] * halkeye really needs to come with a disclaimer
[23:32] Christian> yesssss
[23:33] halkeye> warning, listening to the halkeye can be hazardish to ones mental health
[23:33] GreenMarshinz has left #linuxhelp (Client Exiting)

I really need to come with a discaimer

"Warning, sarcasm present" or something

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