Love of the tidy!

Love of the tidy!

Published on 2004/06/24 22:30:081 min read

I've fallen in love with tidy-proxy. Its a simple little program that sits in front of you and the internet, and checks every incoming site for valid html and such..

It so cool. I found out that j0rd's website is non standard... This coming from the guy who constantly complains about how other sites are not actually up to spec.

Yea, its really only cool for anal web developpers and such. But I figured it was time for an update anyways, and this felt like a good enough one.

Gavin Mogan
Burnaby, BC, Canada

I'm a software developer at the awesome Sauce Labs. I do a bunch of other random open source development. I also play games, both board and video games and love to read. You can usually find me on various services as halkeye.



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