Stats Tracking

Stats Tracking

Published on 2007/09/06 08:35:461 min read

I've recently been preparing sites to move to drupal 5 for the new awesome server I got. I mean I could set the thing up using php4 and make all the old sites work and such.

Anyways, during this process (and I'm having fun really playing with drupal 5 this time), I decided to setup the log parsing program, awstats for both hiscifi and zannen (since those are the two major upgrades i gotta do first).. Its suprising to see who's linked to, but even more surprising is the people (some I actually know) who use as a source.

On the new server I'm going to be organizing things a lot better. I've already setup a secondary dns server this time (although i'm going to probably switch it sometime when I can find a "buddy"), and I'm going to be setting up a stats vhost for people to check their own website stats. Its going to be pretty awesome once I get there.

I'm sure there will be some tech posts as I go.

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