Dragon Quest IX Completion Stats

Finally finished the game (DQIX) tonight @ 10:25pm...

Random notes and stats to remember this by: beat the final boss in 5 or 6 rounds
my 2 gladiators did 1500 damage (at 50 tension) and nearly 2000 (at 50+double up)
it helped i didn't use forbearance
so one guy didn't get slaughtered
3 rounds for tension + 1 for magic mirror + 1 for double up + 1 to attack = 6 rounds


Time Spent Playing: 122:29
Time Spent in multiplayer: 13:52
Battle Victories: 2869
Times Alchemy Performed: 103
Accolades EArnt: 120
Quests Completed: 37
Grottoes Completed: 24
Guests Canvassed: 79
Defeated Monster List Completion: 79%
Wardrobe Completion: 25%
Item List Completion: 51%
Alchenomicon Completion: 19%
mini medals: 59


Goku - Lv.47
Cassie  - Lv.47
Norbert - Lv 37
Stacey - Lv. 35




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