HAHA, another new version

1.0.2 Released Download New Version At this rate I actually might want to find a perm link. I actually like this new version, the config…

Published on 2004/01/30 18:08:56

MTLJPost New Version

1.0.1 Released Download New Version Edit: Newer Version

Published on 2004/01/30 13:18:11


Yes! Since I'm now using my MTLJPost plugin, I figured I'd work on LJ Tag a bit more. So check out if you rather get my posts (why is mind…

Published on 2004/01/29 23:36:45


I have now finished version 1.0 of MTLJPost. Yea, this was after Kristian told me how he did it, I figured I could simplified things. And…

Published on 2004/01/29 23:00:27

GUI Design

Man, I realized how much I just suck at/hate doing GUI design. Well MFC applications in particular... As much as I love doing work like that…

Published on 2004/01/24 12:55:49

Ewww, perl semantics

Whats the difference between those lines of code? (assuming i wrote them correctly) Absolutly nothing, other than your style. That was one…

Published on 2004/01/22 13:47:02

Mailserver Update Update

14:13 @galimon > Jan 20 14:09:53 oinkpig postfix/smtp 24044 : D99ED2AD623: to= < gaveye@hotmail.com > , relay=shawmail.cg.shawcable.net 2…

Published on 2004/01/20 14:22:21

Sucks to be me

I've found out that hotmail and other servers (such as AOL) are now blocking any email hosts that fall into the dynamic ip / Cable / DSL…

Published on 2004/01/20 00:36:40


I have now finished version 1.0 of MTLJTag. I decided to call it MTLJTag instead of MTLJUSER because I'm supporting the < lj comm > too…

Published on 2004/01/18 22:39:14

Clone High

After watching Clone High so many times, I've finally figured out who is the voice actress for Cleopatra. I can't belive I never knew…

Published on 2004/01/18 16:26:07