Open ID Travels and rewards.

So the last couple of weeks I've been playing with openid again trying to get the google federated logins working. I thought it would be a…

Published on 2010/06/18 00:54:45


BATMAN , originally uploaded by halkeye . BATMANNNNNNNN BATMAN WAS AT THE OLYMPICS!

Published on 2010/02/12 21:52:44

"free laptop" facebook scam

Ah, the things that people believe on the internet. I'd like to believe its not work that is making me paranoid, but it mostly is. Plus I…

Published on 2010/01/20 00:11:52

I get my own ugly code

(i don't care about efficiency or whatnot, i was just creating a simple function for a unit test, it just looks like someone threw up some…

Published on 2009/10/07 23:47:34

osqdb has to be one of the worst peices of code I have seen in a while.

Tonight I was trying to convert the old custom quote system I used for #arc to qdb just for fun. I was trying to find out the code used by…

Published on 2008/05/19 23:18:00

Finished Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

I have to say, I'm totally surprised at this game. I was told before hand it was a pretty decent game, and it did keep me entertained for…

Published on 2008/05/04 23:16:24

Outside Free Comic Book Day @ Elfsar

Outside Free Comic Book Day @ Elfsar Originally uploaded by halkeye Free comic book day yesterday was kinda cool. I got a bunch new books…

Published on 2008/05/04 12:52:39

Please people...learn to ask questions.

I've been playing around with some new jquery /javascript this week.. All has been going well, i've been learning just how bad UI is…

Published on 2008/04/04 00:06:53

Snow at the skytrain

Snow at the skytrain Originally uploaded by halkeye look at the awesome snow we had this morning it so barely is noticeable.

Published on 2008/03/29 00:46:07

xbox live cards

xbox live cards Originally uploaded by halkeye Someone explain these to me. I mean I understand not wanting to give your credit card to…

Published on 2008/01/06 22:43:12