New Book - All my friends are superheroes

This weekend Nigel loaned me this short book called All my friends are superheroes . So far its been pretty awesome, but there's just one…

Published on 2007/03/06 09:38:08

Epic movie

"It was legen-wait for it-dairy." - Barney But yes, honestly, how could a movie be any worse, the budget was sad, the acting...well... it…

Published on 2007/02/14 23:33:35

Futureshop Woes

So about a week ago now my camera's LCD window cracked/broke. I honestly am not sure how it happened, but i'm fairly certain, due to not…

Published on 2007/02/12 20:51:15

Superman is such the peeping tom

Watching superman returns (don't ask why).. First he goes to lois's house and watches her family through the walls. Next he goes to outer…

Published on 2007/02/11 13:46:29


If the word 'rofl' appears in a bash.org quote, be concerned. If it appears more than once, you can almost guarentee its a bad quote. So…

Published on 2007/01/20 10:59:45

Upgrade Galore

Yay! Spent the day on the server. Upgraded Apache (I think, I didn't check version #s) Dropped lighttpd frontend (don't need 2 httpds…

Published on 2007/01/14 13:17:55

Awesome new firefox 2.0 plugin

Oh my.. del.icio.us Bookmarks has to be one of the coolest new firefox (2.0) plugins.. Just like flock did. First it goes through…

Published on 2006/11/04 13:34:55


picture(21).jpg Originally uploaded by halkeye . Work desk yay!

Published on 2006/11/02 15:35:42


Ever since playing with alot of javascript and ajax for some of the new job stuff, I have been itching to rebuild yaoirpg , I'm sure its…

Published on 2006/10/17 22:42:02

Wow.. ecto is impressive

I was about to complain about it being a trial version... but man, it looks cool.. I've abandoned this site for so long its not even funny…

Published on 2006/10/16 23:27:36