Presentations was doing a bunch of different podcast style quick interviews at Jenkins World 2017.

Because work is involved with the space, they came to us asking for some people to interview.

I'll admit, it was absolutely nerve wracking, and I don't remember too much, but it went well and I had fun.

REST is a popular term out there on the internet. I wanted to de-mystify it for those who were intimidate it. Covered what REST was. Basics of HTTP. Tools. And of course, where to go next.

Side Note: This is about the time I started to realize that picking gifs in a theme was more fun. This one was entirely simpsons based.

Testing presentation for Code Coffee Vancouver.

Goal was to show that testing doesn't have to be perfect, any you can start anywhere. Just take it one step at a time.

Vagrant presentation for Code Coffee Vancouver.

It was my first attempt at doing one for a large group.

  • What vagrant was
  • How to get started
  • Why you would want it

Team presentation to try and show off to the team some of the features that (In my opinion) react did better than angular.

Slight focus on items we had issues with in our own projects with angular 1.x

Tried to share some of the knowledge I had gained from previous jobs about collecting information.

  • Graphite
  • Statsd
  • Collectd

(Seems short to me, I must have had a lot of offscreen content)

Internal work presentation to share some day to day CLI linux knowledge I had with users who were mostly windows users.

Went over pretty well. Had a lot of great feedback on what to keep on the slides and pacing.

Encouraged by my manager at the time, we decided to share what I thought devops meant and specifically what it would mean for the team.


  • Some future projects (mostly scaling based, I guess what lead to my excitement about docker/k8s)
  • Things I was excited about (at the time, puppet, stats, monitoring)
  • Some lofty ideas

I don't think anything was very Telus specific. I'm pretty proud of this one, was kind of my first time making slides, and the presentation went over so well. People even laughed at the right time.

I did a quick tutorial session for my last workplace. Covers a lot of the vim basics.

Warning: Does have a couple minor swear words like shit